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Joy’s Mission

female brain cancer patient

Joy was a force of life. She had a great deal of compassion and love for others… maybe mostly for her 2.9 pound Chihuahua Pancho. She loved her job, the City of Winter Haven, and walking for exercise. She hated Glioblastoma brain cancer and wanted to accomplish something rare.

She wished for others diagnosed with Glioblastoma to get through the disease, to fight even when their body reacted differently or their brain didn’t communicate properly to the rest of their body. She wanted to be treated whole before the diagnosis.

To help this mission, her family established Joy’s Journey for Brain Cancer with the hope to alleviate some of the household expenses or provide funds for fun stuff, as well as being able to make annual contributions to Brain Cancer Research.

Joy believed her medical team at Moffitt Cancer Center was responsible for the additional time she was gifted with her family as she fought Glioblastoma. Every day she kept a smile on her face, even when the pain was unbearable she managed to keep fighting with fierce determination.

We hope to be able to provide a small gift of no more than $1,000 to requests. Why $1,000? She wouldn’t accept gifts. When friends, coworkers, and family sent in monetary gifts to help with expenses she would say, “I can’t believe someone would send me $100.” As her family, we understood how every dollar given helped ease her financial worries; which is why we want to help one-thousand times over.